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Australian Pelican

Scientific name
Pelecanus conspicillatus

NT Conservation Status

status least concern
Pelican feeding

Distribution map
distribution mal pelican


Length 160-180mm
Weight up to 8kg
Wingspan around 240mm

Factsheet Australian Pelican PDF (940.5 KB)

Wild Encounter
Pelikan Brekky


Large unmistakable black and white bird with large bill and grey legs. Sexes similar with females being slightly smaller than males.


Nomadic, shy and mostly diurnal. Usually feeds, travels and roosts in flocks. Often flies in a V formation and makes use of thermals reaching over 3000m.


Breeds in dense colonies on the ground throughout the year if conditions are ideal. Both parents construct the nest and raise 2-4 chicks, fledging around 12 weeks.


Birds are found throughout Australia in suitable habitat. Most common around permanent waterways including, creeks, rivers and boat ramp as well as coastal areas.


Nets, feral dogs, humans, feral pigs, ATV

pelican chicksPelican HatchlingsPelican nest

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