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Our Animals

The Territory Wildlife Park is a wildlife park with a difference. Set at Berry Springs in the Darwin rural area, the Park covers an impressive 400 hectares. The Territory Wildlife Park showcases only animals found within the Top End of the Northern Territory, anywhere from around Katherine/Mataranka north.

Of course there is also a lot of free living wildlife that visitors to the Territory Wildlife Park might also get lucky enough to see. The species change throughout the year with the different seasons that are experienced in the Top End but some to look out for include the massive mound nest building Orange Footed Scrub-fowl, Bowerbirds, including their delicately decorated bowers, Emerald Ground-doves, lots of wallabies, small skinks that live in the leaf litter and the infamous Tata Dragon, known for their arm waving antics.

The animals in the Territory Wildlife Park include:

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