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Agile Wallaby

Scientific name
Macropus agilis

NT Conservation Status

status least concern
agile wallaby

Distribution map
agile wallaby distrubition map


Head and body Males 715-850mm, Females 590-730mm
Tail Length
Males 690-840mm, Females 580-700mm
Weight Males 16-27kg, Females 9-15kg

Factsheet Agile Wallaby  PDF (584.4 KB)


Large wallaby with a sandy brown coat with white underneath and stripe running under the eye to the muzzle.  Males larger than females.


It is sometimes solitary but can also be seen in small to large groups. Feeds mainly at night on grasses, legumes and other herbaceous plants.


Breeding throughout the year gestation 30 days. Pouch life is 7-8 months, weaned at 10-12 months. Mature at 14 months.


The Agile Wallaby is found across much of northern Australia and down the eastern coast of Queensland.


Habitat Loss, humans, feral dogs, fire

Agile wallaby close upjoey agile wallabyagile wallaby eating

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