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Blue Winged Kookaburra

Scientific name
Dacelo leachii

NT Conservation Status

status least concern
Blue winged Kookaburra

Distribution map
Distribution map Blue winged Kookaburra

Length 380-420mm
Weight 250-350grams
Wingspan 650-720mm

Factsheet Blue Winged Kookaburro PDF (512.8 KB)


It has blue wings and rump with brown shoulders and a creamy barred breast and belly. Birds are sexually dimorphic, females having a brown tail and males having a blue tail.


Found in family groups of up to 12 individuals. Feeds on a large variety of prey found on or close to the ground including insects, lizards and frogs to small birds, rodents, fish and even crayfish.


Nest is high in tree hollows or arboreal termite nests. Both parents help incubate the 3-4 white eggs for 25 days followed by previous offspring and parents who feed and raise the chicks for another 36 days when fledged.


It lives in open savannah, woodland and Melaleuca swamps across northern Australia from Shark Bay in WA to Brisbane.


Fire, vehicles, habitat loss, feral cats

 Blue winged Kookaburra closeupFemale and male tailNesting hollow

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