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Northern Brown Bandicoot

Scientific name
Isoodon macrourus

NT Conservation Status

Threatened species


Distribution Map

Location of Bandicoot

Head and Body Males 300-470mm Females 300-410mm
Tail Length Males: 90-215mm Females: 80-185mm

Weight Males: 500-3100g Females: 500-1700g

Factsheet Bandicoot PDF (972.5 KB)


A marsupial with thick speckled brown-black fur above and a lighter belly. The tail is short with rounded ears. Males are almost twice as large as females.


They construct a simple den on the ground of grasses and are omnivorous by nature eating insects, earthworms, fruits, seeds and nuts; occasionally carrion.


Shortest mammal gestation of 12 days with 2-4 young which reach independence at 8 weeks of age.


North west of the Kimberley’s to the eastern coast of NSW in open forests, woodlands and savannah.


Feral cats, feral dogs, weeds, fire, habitat loss

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