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Olive Python

Scientific Name
Liasis olivaceus

NT Conservation Status

Conservation is at least concern

Olive Python

Distribution Map

Olive Python Map

Total Length Up to 4,200mm

Scale count: Dorsal scale count 61-72, Ventral scale count 355-377

Olive Python Factsheet PDF (692.9 KB)


Olive Pythons range in colour from a uniform deep chocolate to an olive green with a cream coloured belly. They are Australia’s second largest python.


Olive Pythons are ground dwelling, non-venomous and harmless to humans. They are generally nocturnal predators feeding on mammals, birds and other reptiles.


Breeds May-July producing 12-40 eggs which hatch 50 days later. Each hatchling is around 35cms in length.


Olive Pythons are found across northern Australia, from Western Australia to Queensland. Prefers rocky areas near water and can also be found in open forests, woodlands and savannah.


Humans, habitat loss, feral cats, fire

Olive Python EggsOlive Python EggsOvlive Python Protecting Eggs at NightOlive Python Habitat

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