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Northern Quoll

Scientific Name
Dasyurus hallucatus

NT Conservation Status

Northen Quoll is endangered

Northen Quoll

Distribution Map

Head and body: Males 270-370mm, Females 250-310mm

Tail length: Males 222-345mm, Females 202-300mm

Weight: Males 340-1120g, Females 249-690g


This carnivorous marsupial is the smallest quoll of 4 species and is covered in brownish grey fur with white spots appearing on its back. Its head is long and pointed with bulging eyes and pointed ears. Tail is long and brown.


An aggressive, solitary, nocturnal hunter. Males and females maintain home ranges, with males occupying an area that may overlap several female territories.


Breeds May-June producing 4-8 young which stay in mums pouch for up to 9 weeks.


Prefers rocky areas in open forests, woodlands and savannah.


Cane toads, habitat loss, fire, weeds, feral cats

Conservation of the QuollFood source for the quollHabitat for the Northern Quollnorthern quoll

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