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Park highlights

The Territory Wildlife Park is one of Northern Australia’s most loved tourist attractions and the best place to see and interact with native wildlife from Tropical Northern Australia. The Wildlife Park is committed to connecting people with the wild and offers visitors the opportunity to come close up to unique Australian animals in a stunning bushland setting.

Here are just some of the animal attractions and exhibits you won’t want to miss:


The Billabong is a place of immense natural beauty. The reflections of the resident pelicans create stunning photography. The keen eyed observer will also be able to spot freshwater crocodiles, up to three species of freshwater turtle as well as several fish species. Dragonflies in many different colours swoop over the water’s surface in the dry season.


The Aquarium takes the viewer on an air conditioned journey from the small rock pools of the sandstone escarpment of Arnhem Land, down through the rivers, billabongs and swamps, into the brackish estuaries and out onto the coastal reefs. Fully aqua-scaped exhibits are teeming with fish from small to large. The Aquarium also features a 4m saltwater crocodile.

Monsoon Forest Walk

The Monsoon Forest walk weaves through this precious Top End habitat. Raised boardwalks and bridges traverse creeks and springs that form the headwaters of Berry Springs. 12 walk through aviaries and viewing areas show off some of the Top End’s most spectacular feathered friends as well as turtles, snakes and monitor lizards.

Oolloo Sand Bar

The Oolloo Sand Bar is designed to replicate the naturally sandy edges of the upper reaches of the Daly River. The exhibit is filled with freshwater whiprays, barramundi, tarpon, archer fish and saratoga. The daily presentation at this exhibit is a must see!

Nocturnal House

Unlock the secrets of the night within the Nocturnal House. Day gives way to the cool still of the Top End night allowing the visitor to watch the animals of the night within their element. Cryptic geckos, rare rock wallabies, tiny blossom bats and the playful sugar gliders are just some of the animals that can be seen in the Nocturnal House.

Flight Deck

The daily Flight Deck Presentation (weather permitting) is another crowd pleaser. Guests witness a spectacular show featuring free flying birds. Stand-out birds include a wedge-tailed eagle, jabiru, black-breasted buzzard and many others. Check daily presentation times and arrive at least five minutes early for this presentation.

Goose Lagoon

Aptly named for the influx of native magpie geese that flock to the receding water in the build-up and early wet season, is a natural and changing exhibit. The Lagoon shrinks to a puddle, often drying in late dry season, before filling again during the heavy rains of the wet season. A bird hide is great for observing the local bird life although one never knows what they might see as the bird species change with the seasons.

Woodland Wallaby Walk

Get up close and personal with the wallabies and wallaroos from the Top End in the Woodland Wallaby Walk. There is a daily feeding presentation where you can participate but we encourage you to arrive early as these critters like to sleep during the warmer part of the day. Come and get your wallaby selfie today! Enclosure open 9:30am to 3:00pm.

Buffalo Trail

Take a walk back in time and learn about the history of buffalo in the Northern Territory. This interpretive trail starts with the early European settlements, follows through the feral era and the disease eradication to the modern day where buffalo are still a feral pest but also have economic importance. Buffalos are on display 9:00am to 3:00pm.

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