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Ghost Bat

Scientific Name
Macroderma gigas

Conservation Status

Status of the Ghost Bat

Ghost Bat in mid flight

Distribution Map

Map of the Ghost Bat locations

Head and Body Length 100-130mm

Forearm length 96-113mm

Weight 140-165g

Ghost Bat Fact Sheet PDF (762.0 KB)


Ghost Bats have grey fur on their backs and pale grey to white underneath. They have long, narrow wings, no tail, large ears joining overhead and a protruding nose leaf.


Australia’s only carnivorous bat feeding soon after sunset. May live in small groups or colonies in the 100’s. Sexes separate after mating has occurred.


Mating occurs from April-August, a single offspring born 3 months later which feeds from a nipple in mum’s armpit. It stays with mum for the first 4 weeks then is left in a nursery cave until it can fly at 7 weeks.


They roost in caves, fissures and mines in areas in or close to rainforest and woodland.


Habitat loss, fire, feral cats, mining, caving

Bats hanging from a caveClose up of Ghost BatHabit for the Ghost BatSnake eating the Ghost Bat

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