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Scientific name
Pandion haliaetus

NT Conservation Status

status least concern
Opsrey (Bird (Looks like an Eagle))

Distribution map
Osprey Map

Length 60cm
Weight 1.3-1.8kg

Wingspan 180cm

Factsheet Osprey PDF (511.7 KB)


The Osprey is a medium-sized, fish-eating raptor (bird of prey) with dark brown upper parts and white under parts.


The Osprey is unique among raptors, they are able to dive completely submerging itself about 1m below the surface.


The birds will construct nests high on cliff faces, dead trees and even man-made structures made of sticks and driftwood and lined with seaweed. The nests will be used year after year by the pair.


Osprey’s are found in coastal areas throughout Australia and terrestrial wetlands of tropical and temperate Australia may also occur inland along major rivers and estuaries.


Habitat loss, nets, discarded fishing line, humans

Osprey looking for foodOsprey mid flightOsprey talonsOsprey close up

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