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Black Wallaroo

Scientific name
Macropus bernardus

NT Conservation Status

Near threatened
Black Wallaroo

Distribution map
Distribution Map Black Wallaroo

Head and Body Males 595-725mm, Females 640mm
Tail Length Males 545-640mm, Females 575mm

Weight Males 19-22kg, Females 13kg

Factsheet Black Wallaroo PDF (539.9 KB)


Males are a dark sooty brown to black all over, females are pale grey to grey-brown with lighter underneath both sexes have darker points. Ears are short.


Extremely wary and flighty. Adults are solitary or in pairs. Nocturnal in nature except on overcast days. Feeds on a wide variety of vegetation in its range.


There is little known about the reproductive behaviour but large pouch young may be seen through the Dry season (June-September).


Restricted to the sandstone plateau of western Arnhem Land.


Habitat loss, humans, feral dogs

running Black Wallaroofemale Black WallarooJoey Black Wallaroo

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