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Option 1: $65 per student, $55 per parent, per night - not available in 2022
Option 2: $45 per student, $35 per parent, per night - not available in 2022
Option 3: $25 per student, $15 per parent, per night
Teachers attend for free.
(maximum 60 students)
*Free of charge
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Territory Wildlife Park Code of Conduct *

Although the Park visit is meant to provide a kind of ‘mini-wilderness’ experience, it is a controlled area and as such there are restrictions on where visitors can go.

Paths are provided to guide movement around the Park and to protect the surroundings from being stressed by too many people walking through them. Please make sure students stay on the paths at all times.

The Territory Wildlife Park has a free shuttle train service available to help visitors make the most of their time at the Park. The trains depart from the Main Station every 30 mins (eg; 10am 10.30am 11am and so on). Groups need to be ready to board the train 5 minutes prior to departure.

We recommend that you divide students into smaller groups of five to eight per adult. This way you avoid congestion around exhibits and make supervision more effective. Small groups are also less stressful for the wildlife and other Park visitors.

Other visitors expect to enjoy the Park in a relaxed and unspoilt way. Students should be reminded of what is meant by ‘appropriate behaviour’ at the Park - you can ask for a staff member to reinforce this message at the start of your visit.

Students remain the responsibility of their teachers at all times.

Teacher supervision is necessary at all times in the Gift Shop and Cafe.

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