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Artists-In-the-Park program

Artists in the Park

The Artist in the Park program is designed to give artists opportunities to access the Park’s amazing collection of flora, fauna and naturalistic style exhibits. The program also gives artists the chance to interact with and tap into the knowledge and experience of our highly skilled zookeepers and guides. Artists are able to interact with Park visitors and showcase their arts practice or even get staff and visitors involved in their arts practice through workshops or community art projects.

Artists receive 12 months membership with the Park which entitles them to all the same benefits and discounts in the café and gift shop as full members. Artists will also receive a greater level of access to the Park’s collection and staff and for the residency period are able to do any of the Wild Encounters free of charge. This benefit is only for Artists-in-the-Park and does not extend to partners or family members who must pay if they wish to share the experience with the artist.

The program is open to a range of creative practices and platforms e.g. sculpture, painting, printmaking, textiles and fibre, jewellery, photography, dance, theatre, text (writers and poets), sound (musicians and sound artists), new & mixed media.

Emerging and indigenous artists are encouraged to apply.

The Goals of Artists in the Park are to:

  1. Support the creation of new work that is inspired by or linked to the animals, plants and habitats represented at the TWP.
  2. Create environmental awareness to users of the park and a greater understanding of the relationships between plants, animals and the landscapes and processes that shape and affect them through art, design and creative expression.

Important Dates to Remember

  • Submission closing date – 30 November of each year
  • Applicants notified – mid-December of each year
  • Orientation Day for the Program –  TBA January the following year
  • Program ends – 31 December of that year

What You Should Submit?

  • A completed application form
  • Your current CV (no more than 2 pages)
  • 5 to 10 examples of your work

Submissions can be emailed, mailed or delivered to:

Jasmine Jan
General Manager Visitor Services
Territory Wildlife Park
PO Box 445
Berry Springs NT 0838
PH: (08) 8988 7228


Check out what some of the past Artist's in the Park had to say about their residency.

Kylie Frewen - Lord

A naturally beautiful place of inspiration for artists of varied styles. The interaction with guides and keepers,in the park, will challenge, and potentially change the way you engage with your subject. It has allowed me to gain further knowledge on the behaviour and physicality of a range of animals

Visiting the park over the course of my residency has allowed me to view changes in the environment across our northern seasons and interact with the ever changing display of flora and fauna.It has also been quite valuable to see how artists from other disciplines approach a common subject. I wish future artists all the best in their time spent on park. My most sincere gratitude to the staff who have welcomed me to their "office". Your generosity and enthusiasm for your work and the animals in your care is admirable.

Jacqueline Gribbin

As an Artist in the Park, having access from March to December provides a unique opportunity to establish long term connections with specific environments, animals, birds and fish. Being able to observe the seasonal changes at Goose Lagoon, and to draw birds at close range each week, enabling me to understand their movements, postures and personalities was a first for me and a special experience, especially with Park staff on hand to provide expert knowledge

Sue Moffitt, Writer-Wild Words group

I loved the opportunity to immerse myself in the bush but best of all was the interaction with all the people involved in the Artists-in-the-Park project. It was a very special experience and there's nothing better than writing with writers, it somehow brings out the best in me.

Alison Worsnop, Artist

Apart from the wildlife, the aspect I enjoyed most about being an AiTWP was working en plein air – day after day – in a beautiful, natural, but safe setting, with a good café (now with even better coffee!) and friendly people for the occasional chat. Being an AiP made me feel legitimate and motivated in this pursuit and gave me a sense of purpose.

Jacinda Brown, Photographer

The AiP still remains for me a unique and significant opportunity in my artistic journey. It allowed me to more deeply draw on the Park’s resources, gather reference material, and learn about the animals and their habitats from the inspiring keepers and guides. The connections made with people during the residency, both staff and artists, remain. I am so grateful for the opportunity. – Janelle Fisher (Artist) The Territory Wildlife Park AiP program is a great way to have intimate interactions with a wide range of Territory Animals. The very experienced and friendly staff were happy to help with any enquiry I had. Highly recommend artists of any medium.

Helen Hansen. Writer-Wild Words group

The Artists in the Park Program gave me the opportunity to share my work with others which is an Artists ultimate goal. Our team of four writers were able to publish 'Wild Words' an Anthology of short fiction and poetry inspired by the environment of the Park. Seeing my writing in print for the first time has been an invaluable experience which has encouraged me to grow and develop my skills in my chosen craft. Thank you Jasmine and thank you to the Northern Territory Wildlife Park employees for your dedicated work in caring for the flora and fauna of such a magical place.
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