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Healthy Parks & Healthy people

At the Territory Wildlife Park, we are a strong believer in Healthy Parks, Healthy People. After all, healthy, active people produce strong and resilient communities.

The Territory Wildlife Park is a great destination for visitors and Top End locals alike. The network of walking tracks provides opportunities for all fitness levels. Our link road is just over 4kms long and our walking paths over 6kms. Foot paths explore three different habitat types and raised platforms and boardwalks allow access in all seasons. As the Top End habitats change with the changing seasons you never know what you might find as you explore the Park.

Visitors to the Territory Wildlife Park are welcome to bring their push bikes and scooters with them when they visit. Biking around the walking tracks and the link road is a very enjoyable method for moving between the exhibits, especially when done as a family. Visitors wishing to ride bikes and scooters around the Park must wear a helmet, follow all signs and road rules and sign in at admission.

Get Fit

The Park also supports other fitness activities from time to time, including walking and cycling groups. If you have a fitness idea that you would like to explore at the Wildlife Park please contact us at

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