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Research and Conservation Projects

The Territory Wildlife Park is proud to participate in a number of Research and Conservation Programs. Captive Breeding Programs of rare or endangered species are important measures to fight against extinction. The Territory Wildlife Park undertakes captive breeding programs for Northern Quolls and Tiwi Island Masked Owls. The Territory Wildlife Park is the only place in the world where you can view captive Black Wallaroo and Narbalek.

The Territory Wildlife Park has a long history of partnering with research organisations. Past projects have included:

  • Behavioural ecology and physiology of the Ghost bat
  • Ants in the environment as predators and scavengers
  • Survey of tree hollows for small mammal suitability in CSIRO fire plots
  • Surveying suitable habitat for Northern Gliders
  • Reintroduction of Northern Quolls into Kakadu National Park
  • Is Toad aversion heritable (in Northern Quolls)
  • Box Jellyfish venom study
  • Control of feral cats using genomics
  • Genetic differences in Brolga populations
  • Conservation benefits and impacts of harvesting threatened Elasmobranchs for public aquaria
  • Fire adaptation strategies in Eucalyptus species
  • Nest box study looking at small arboreal mammal decline

The Territory Wildlife Park welcomes opportunities to partner with researchers and research institutions. If you have a potential project and are interested in partnering with the Territory Wildlife Park please forward an expression of interest to

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