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In our air-conditioned aquarium, you will take a journey along a typical "Top End" river.

The journey begins where the river forms up in the escarpment country, travellers pass the rock holes and billabongs until it finally merges   with the sea. Featuring more 24 individual exhibits, each replicating a different "pocket" of aquatic life found along a Top End river system.

As you move through the Aquarium you will pass rock hole and billabong exhibits that the freshwater crocodile and numerous turtle species call home.

Lose yourself in the walk-through tunnel where barramundi, whip ray and other fresh water species glide gracefully above and beside you.

The tunnel immerses you in a fresh water aquarium and is one of the Parks most popular and "soothing" attractions. Beyond the tunnel, get nose to nose with a 4 metre saltwater crocodile.

See how effortlessly this "hunter in hiding" floats semi-submerged. The photographic opportunities are outstanding.

Continue on through the coastal mangrove communities and then onto the coral reefs where you will see an astonishing variety of corals and colourful fish.

Come closer and watch the interesting antics of Darwin’s own black and white nemo and all his other colourful friends that exist in our beautiful harbour.

Black and White Clown Fish

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