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Goose Lagoon

Typical of a billabong or lagoon that might be found out in Kakadu National Park or across any of the Top End’s flood plains; Goose Lagoon is one of the Parks natural features and is found at the end of a short nature trail.

A bird-hide has been placed on the edge of the lagoon to improve your chances of close-up viewing of its inhabitants.

As with most billabongs in the Top End, seasonal variations can be extreme. If water is plentiful, wildlife tends spread out across the Top End.

If bodies of water such as Goose Lagoon are in short supply (at the end of the dry season for example), then wildlife tends to congregate around these areas where food and water are relatively abundant.

The best months for bird watching at the lagoon are usually between July and October.   Some of the waterbirds likely to be encountered here include magpie geese, jacanas, green pygmy geese, egrets, herons, ibis and a variety of duck species.

The nature trail itself holds many floral seasonal surprises and beneath the water longneck turtles, freshwater fish species and reptiles such as water monitors, floodplain monitors, file snakes and freshwater snakes are common.

Goose Lagoon

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