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Nocturnal House

At our Nocturnal House come and see some of the common, rare and endangered native nocturnal animals of this region. Many of these animals, which include mammals, reptiles and invertebrates, are rarely seen in the wild.

Here you have an unparalleled opportunity to watch at your leisure as they each go about their nightly routines in their recreated habitats.


The lighting here is switched to reverse cycle turning our day, into their night and our night, into their day. This ensures your visit coincides with the most active part of their daily routines and that they too, have time to sleep undisturbed.

Those who want that extra experience can book into our VIP Nocturnal Wild Encounter and come face to face with some of the unique creatures that call the Top End home.

Find out more how to meet our nocturnal animals

Meet our nocturnals

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